Common Questions

At Express Chiropractic & Wellness we believe everyone should have access to convenient and affordable chiropractic wellness care

The greatest benefits from chiropractic come from consistent care over time. And while sometimes you may need just a visit or two per month to help maintain better spine health and nerve flow, other times you may require 2 or 3 visits per week.

At Express Chiropractic we believe that decision on how much care you require should be between you and your chiropractor rather than an insurance company or other 3rd party payer making the decision.

Improving and maintaining spinal alignment and health is a long-term investment…not a short-term expense.

What Services does Express Chiropractic offer?

Express Chiropractic & Wellness provides chiropractic and massage care.

The only condition we diagnose and treat is Vertebral Subluxation Complex (improper spinal bone alignment and motion and the associated muscle tension, joint inflammation, nerve interference). The restoration of proper alignment and motion is achieved through what is commonly called an Adjustment.

Misaligned spinal bones will more often than not result in areas of increased muscle tension called Spasm. The massage therapist is trained to pinpoint and relieve the muscle spasm using Muscle Relief Therapy or MRT.

What is Muscle Relief Therapy (MRT)?

Muscle Relief Therapy is a deep (to your individual tolerance level) massage and stretching combination that is administered to the specific area or areas where you are needing help getting the muscles to relax. The therapist may use any one of the following techniques during the session…

  • Myofascial Release: A localized massage to the affected muscles designed to lengthen and ‘release’ tight muscles
  • Trigger Point Therapy: Pressure – typically static or with slight motion – on the area of tight muscle or ‘knot’ to stimulate the muscle spasm to release
  • PNF Stretching: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching is a very effective stretching technique that quick relaxes any area from that tight neck to those out-of-control tight hamstrings

MRT is a very quick and effective stand alone service and also great post-adjustment.

What is an Adjustment?

An adjustment is a specific light to moderate force by hand or with an instrument into any joint in the body. While most people think of an adjustment taking place on the spine, they are equally effective in other areas of the body such as ankles, shoulders and elbows.

What is Chiropractic and is it Safe?

‘Chiropractic’ is a word that simply means ‘done by hand.’ Originating in the late 1800’s in the United States, it has become a well accepted and documented treatment type to help align spinal bones that lose proper motion and alignment (called a ‘subluxation’). If you have ever experienced chiropractic care, you know it is much more than just pain relief – it can help improve the overall integrity and function of your entire nervous system resulting in MORE ENERGY, BETTER POSTURE, IMPROVED SLEEP, OPTIMAL ORGAN FUNCTION AND MANY MORE BENEFITS…

While an adjustment is considered to be safe, as evidenced by a New Zealand government study and others, you should notify your chiropractor of any pre-existing disease or illness such as strokes, rheumatoid arthritis or unstable joints so treatment that may affect these issues can be avoided or modified.

Why don’t you take Insurance?

As insurance deductibles and copayments continue to climb, at Express Chiropractic we have eliminated the need for using insurance by setting our prices below that of most copayments.

What is Wellness or Maintenance Care?

Even if we just set old sports injuries, past slips and falls and auto accidents from years ago aside… there is still plenty that you do on a daily basis that can cause a spine to become subluxated or misaligned. Anything and everything from the postures you take on while commuting, sleeping and sitting at your computer for hours on end to the muscle tension associated with stress can cause spinal bones to lose their proper alignment.

While the words wellness and maintenance have slightly different definitions technically, in chiropractic care they share a common meaning of regular spine checks for the purpose of maintaining proper spine alignment – regardless of if you are experiencing any pain. By detecting and correcting misalignment of spinal bones before it becomes significant enough to interfere with the nerves that exit out between them you are improving the overall health of your spine and quality of your life.

Your maintenance chiropractic care should of course be coupled with a proper diet and adequate levels of exercise.

This is what Express Chiropractic & Wellness really focuses on… making chiropractic part of a wellness lifestyle by maintaining your spine’s health through regular checkups. Ask the doctor what wellness care schedule may work best for you and your family.