Look at the path to success of any great athlete or business leader and you will find it riddled with many more failures than successes.

Beyond a silver spoon advantage or genetic blessings what makes these people able to achieve their goals and dreams while so many others fall short?

The answer is perseverance.

That’s it, they kept going, trying, refining and going again.

The reality is that it’s pretty easy to start anything. A new business, a workout, diet, etc.

Sticking with it is not quite so simple.

As the luster of a new you or new venture wears off replaced by the grind of going through the day to day climb to get there, many excuses and reasons to quit slowly take center stage.

How can you combat this natural attrition?

Here’s a few tips:

‘Define your ‘Why.’ What is the purpose for doing whatever it is that you want to accomplish. By defining the ‘why’ first you will have a much richer soil in which to plant the ‘how.’

Make a plan. Make sure you have a direction and roadmap to follow for getting there. For example, if your goal is to improve your heart health or shed a few pounds, decide what foods you will and will not eat and the exercise plan you are going to follow. Write it down with details like amounts and days. You can always modify it as you go but having it as a reference is key.

Make a public proclamation of what you intend to do. By telling others it holds you accountable to them and yourself to follow through.

Aim low. That’s right… the opposite of what you think. You aren’t going to reach your end goal in a direct line path. So why try. Set a small achievement

Don’t be selfish. With your ‘why’ firmly in place, you should now have the motivation for staying on course towards your goal. As the grind of sticking to your plan sets in, remind yourself that what you are trying to do is bigger than you.

Bringing your goals to fruition is much more likely if you set out on your new path the right way… with a solid foundation.

Using the tips above will tip (had to say it) the scales of success in your favor.
Good luck on all of your endeavors!