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We all know that we should reach for that piece of fruit or that vegetable rather than that cupcake. However, something that is important to know is which fruits and veggies you should buy as certified organic.

Let me make a quick disclaimer prior to reviewing the organic foods to seek. Any fruit or vegetable is better than not eating any at all. Essentially all raw and frozen fruits and veggies will have some nutritional value.

So what’s the difference between ‘certified organic’ and non-organic you may ask?

Essentially the difference is the standards by which they can grow the crops. Certified organic farms (and even a lot of the small local farmers that don’t have certification for being organic) can’t use radiation, insecticide chemicals, fungicides, fertilizers that are synthetically made in addition to several other restrictions.

Most of these chemicals are shown to cause cancer, immune system issues, infertility problems and neurological disorders in addition to a host of other issues.

The food also cannot be genetically modified.

So which ones to buy organic?

The answer is those that are show to have the greatest amount of pesticides in and on them. These include the following:

–  Apples

–  Celery

–  Bell Peppers

–  Cherries

–  Lettuce

–  Grapes

–  Pears

–  Peaches

–  Potatoes

–  Spinach

–  Strawberries

So in short, if you don’t shop organic on any other fruits or vegetables, at the very least go organic on the above. Or better yet…grow them yourself for the ultimate control over the health of your food.

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