Express Chiropractic is a growing brand owned and operated by local chiropractors


Numerous studies, and millions of patients, have proven that chiropractic care is effective at relieving pain, improving mobility, managing chronic conditions and preventing future problems. Express Chiropractic & Wellness makes it simple to get the customized care you need to get better and stay better!


Express Chiropractic was developed by long-time chiropractor and health advocate, Dr. Daron Stegall. After practicing for more than two decades and witnessing the frustration his patients, and his own staff, experienced when dealing with the hassles of insurance and expensive care plans, Dr. Stegall decided to develop a new model for chiropractic and massage care.


What is Chiropractic?2019-04-11T17:18:58+00:00

Chiropractic is a word that simply means ‘done by hand.’ Originating in the late 1800’s in the United States, it has become a well accepted and documented treatment type to help align spinal bones that lose proper motion and alignment resulting in pain and other symptoms.

Is Chiropractic safe?2019-04-11T17:19:13+00:00

Chiropractic care is considered to be safe, as evidenced by a New Zealand government study and others. It was added to the 2017 American College of Physicians Guidelines as an approach of choice for people experiencing lower back pain.

You should notify your chiropractor of any pre-existing disease or illness such as strokes, rheumatoid arthritis or unstable joints so the treatment that may affect these issues can be avoided or modified.

What conditions can Express Chiropractic & Wellness help me with?2019-04-11T17:19:23+00:00

The only condition we diagnose and treat is Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC).

The VSC is defined as improper spinal bone alignment and motion and the associated muscle tension, joint inflammation, nerve interference.

The results may be symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, sleep problems, posture issues, low energy and more.

Why don’t you take insurance?2019-04-11T17:19:33+00:00

As insurance deductibles and copayments continue to climb, at Express Chiropractic we have eliminated the hassles of using insurance by setting our prices below that of most copayments.

Do I need an appointment on the first visit?2019-04-11T17:19:43+00:00

The good news is we are good at what we do!… But that means sometimes we get pretty busy.

For first time customers we recommend you call the location you are planning to visit to ensure we are still taking new patients for the day and so the Express team can help direct you towards less busy times of the day. If you are going to walk in try to arrive at least an hour of closing time for lunch or for the evening.

*Once you are established in our office you can always just walk in to any location.

What is an adjustment?2019-04-11T17:19:53+00:00

An adjustment is a specific light to moderate force by hand or with an instrument into any joint in the body. While most people think of an adjustment taking place on the spine, they are equally effective in other areas of the body such as ankles, shoulders and elbows.

What is Muscle Relief Therapy (a.k.a. Express Massage)2019-04-23T21:05:01+00:00

Muscle Relief Therapy is a deep (to your individual tolerance level) massage and stretching combination that is administered to the specific area or areas where you are needing help getting the muscles to relax. The therapist may use any one of the following techniques during the session…

  • Myofascial Release: A localized massage to the affected muscles designed to lengthen and ‘release’ tight muscles
  • Trigger Point Therapy: Pressure – typically static or with slight motion – on the area of tight muscle or ‘knot’ to stimulate the muscle spasm to release
  • PNF Stretching: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching is a very effective stretching technique that quickly relaxes any area from that tight neck to those out-of-control tight hamstrings

MRT is a very quick and effective stand-alone service and also great post-adjustment.

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