At Express Chiropractic® Our Goal
is to Make Effective Massage and Chiropractic Care
Available to Everyone

If you have experienced the benefits of regular chiropractic and massage care then you know the positive impact it can have beyond pain relief including better Energy, Posture, Sleep, Focus, Sports performance and overall health.

The obstacles that prevent most people from getting the chiropractic they need are the hassles of scheduling yet another appointment, the complications of dealing with insurance and the high cost of the care.

Express Chiropractic® has broken down the barriers that prevent most people from making chiropractic care part of their healthy lifestyle.

At Express Chiropractic & Wellness…

  • You never need an appointment

  • We have convenient late and Saturday hours

  • Care is provided by licensed chiropractors and massage therapists

  • We do not accept any health insurance and keep rates lower than most co-payments

  • There are no expensive long-term treatment plans or contracts

  • You can pay per visit or join our Wellness Club for even bigger savings

Express Chiropractic® makes getting regular chiropractic care more convenient… Period

Front Office Express Chiropractic