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At Express Chiropractic, we are work hard to be more than an adjustment. Our goal is to impact your health from the advice we can give as well.

For me personally, I love to figure out new ways to exercise and eat healthy to boost my energy and mood, protect my heart, build strong bones, prevent diseases, and more. Are you ready to do the same?

In this article, I want to share the nutritional benefits of chia, almond, and flax. They are superfoods, readily available, easy to make, and very healthy. I’ll prove why!

Read on!

[How I Use these Seeds!: I blend these seeds in my Nutribullet with about 8 pushes of the pulse button! This will make a nice mixed powder you can store in a bowl with a lid. Use it on yogurt, in shakes, on cereal and much more. Its a simple way to put a sprinkle of healthy food onto anything you are eating. I put it on my sons waffle in the morning with a little yogurt and blueberries. Tastes amazing. Remember, don’t blend the seeds for long or the heat and friction will denature (destroy) the nutrients within]

Nutritional Benefits of Chia Seeds

Chia is known for its richness in calcium, soluble fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and protein. With these nutrients, chia is good for bones, feeds gut-friendly bacteria, manages blood sugar, and offers the easiest way to take healthy fatty acids. The healthy and nutritional benefits of chia include:

· Preventing diabetes and spikes in blood sugar level – Chia seeds develop gelatinous coating and come with alpha-linolenic acid and minerals that help in blood transportation. With these features, chia is found to reduce the blood pressure levels in people with diabetes. According to a study, chia seeds may improve blood sugar control and insulin sensitivity.

· Super rich in omega-3 fatty acids – the high presence of omega-3 fatty acid in chia makes it reduce your risk of sudden cardiac death, stroke, and heart disease. It is also suitable for brain development, sleep improvement and associated with some psychological factors that help deal with depression and anxiety. Besides, it has been found to protect your skin by reducing skin sagging, inflammation, and dryness.

· Excellent source of protein – it can be a drag to find food that is a good source of protein for people that do not eat meat. However, with chia seed, you can put your mind at rest knowing you have a reliable source of protein. It will increase fullness after a meal and reduce food intake, thereby making an essential weight loss recipe.

· Providing a high amount of minerals – chia seed is a good source of manganese, phosphorous, copper, iron, selenium, and magnesium. These abundant minerals are essential for development, metabolism, and growth. It also contributes to tissue maintenance. They are also crucial for heart health

· Good source of calcium – Do you know that chia has more calcium than most of the available dairy products? So, this could be a life-changer if you don’t eat dairy but need calcium. The nutrient makes chia essential for nerves, muscles, and bone growth.

Nutritional Benefits of Flax Seed
Flax seeds are known to come with health-boosting properties with high amounts of omega-3 fatty acid, fiber, and lignans. There is scientific evidence showing that this food and fiber crop is used to treat kidney inflammation, breast pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol. Some of the health and nutritional benefits of flaxseed include:

· Protective effect against cancer – Recent studies suggest that lignans and Alpha-linolenic acid (plant omega-3 acid found in flaxseed) can help protect against cancers by inhibiting tumor incidence. Lignans interfere with tumor cell spread and growth by blocking enzymes that are involved in hormone metabolism.

· Improving heart health and cholesterol – flax seed contains all the nutrients that can prevent cardiovascular diseases and boost heart health. This occurs through different mechanisms like normalizing the heartbeat and anti-inflammatory action. Some studies suggest that the omega-3 and lignans found in flaxseed can help prevent arteries hardening and significantly reduce atherosclerotic plaque build-up. Also, the combined benefits of these nutrients and fiber help lower your cholesterol levels.

· Aids digestion process – Do you know how difficult it is to eliminate hard stool? I have been there, and I can tell you it is challenging. However, with the help of the soluble fiber found in flaxseed, experiencing difficulty in eliminating stool can be a thing of the past. The soluble fiber will make your stool soft and ensure you can eliminate it more easily. Insoluble fiber helps to promote bowel regularity and move waste through your gut more comfortably. So, these fibers found in flax seeds work together to improve your digestive health.

· Some other ways – flax seed may also help reduce the impact of radiation due to lignans’ presence, improving blood sugar, reducing hot flashes, and preventing constipation. Besides, the seeds may help weight loss, give you more supple skin, and reduce inflammation due to Alpha-linolenic acid and lignans.

Nutritional Benefits of Almond Seed
Almond is one of the most popular tree nuts globally that delivers a massive amount of nutrients. The seeds are very nutritious and rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. The nut also offers fiber, protein, and calories. They are available as milk, butter, flour, oil, flaked, or sliced. Some of the nutritional and health benefits of almond seed are:

· Prevent oxidative damage in the body – you can reduce the oxidative stress that results in cell damage through the intake of flax seeds. The high level of vitamin E and other antioxidants in the seeds makes this possible.

· Manage blood sugar levels – almond provides a suitable dietary source of magnesium, protein, fiber, and healthy fats that makes them a perfect choice for controlling blood sugar levels. The high-magnesium presence may help prevent diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

· Other ways – almonds can also help in cholesterol regulation, weight management, protecting your heart and keeping it healthy, and improving your gut’s health. It also increases mental alertness, enhances brain power, nourishes your skin, improves bone health, and more.

Chia, almond, and flax seeds are some of the healthiest foods you can eat as they provide tons of essential nutrients. You can include them in your diets in many ways because the seeds are versatile. I will suggest that you go for flax, Chia, and almond, which do not have added ingredients and have been minimally processed to enjoy their full beneficial effects.

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