Finally there’s a simple way to get top notch chiropractic without getting a headache in the process.

Express Chiropractic & Wellness provides quality chiropractic care at a price that makes feeling great feel even better!

First Visit


Initial Evaluation and Adjustment

First Visit

Ready to see if Express Chiropractic & Wellness can help you? Your first visit is only $39 and includes:

  • Consultation and Examination
  • Posture assessment (Scoliosis screening for kids 7 to 17)
  • Full explanation of all findings and care recommendations
  • First adjustment [Note: We offer gentle to more aggressive techniques based on comfort level and doctor recommendations for care]

Save money with our Introductory Special

Follow Up


Evaluation & Adjustment

Follow Up Visits

Whether you need several follow up visits to improve your vertebral motion and alignment or an occasional visit to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system… We’ve got you covered.

After your initial visit, you can get each additional adjustment for a low $29.

And if you want to access to the same high quality care for a lower cost per visit, check out our Wellness Club.

Muscle Relief Therapy


10 minute problem area focused session

Express Muscle Relief Therapy – MRT (Spot Massage)

Ever have a tight spot that you bug your spouse to rub on just to realize 5 minutes in that it just isn’t going to cut it? Have muscle that need loosening up but just don’t have the time or money to invest in a full massage?

Our massage team may be the answer you’re looking for. All massages are delivered as a 10 minute Express Muscle Relief Therapy session. What is Muscle Relief Therapy? It’s a combination of stretching, trigger point therapy and myofascial massage that specifically targets your problem area(s) and allows you to the get the most muscle tension relief in a shorter period of time. Learn more in our Common Questions section.

$15 per 10 minute session or if you have a little more time to spare…upgrade to a *20 minute session for only $10 additional.

  • Focused specifically to the areas you need
  • All muscle work is catered to your individual tolerance
  • We do all the work…you just relax and focus on YOU
  • No undressing required
  • Only $10 per 10 minute session when you get an adjustment same day or are on a Wellness Club plan.
*To prevent long wait times for massage, upgrades are available only when another patient is not waiting. MRT is subject to availability when approaching office closure time.