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Express Chiropractic Keller Outside Clinic


Dr. Mark Hanses and family are pleased to announce that the new Express Chiropractic & Wellness in Harker Heights, TX is now open. The office provides quality affordable care to people seeking a chiropractor in Harker Heights, Killeen, Nolanville, Belton, Salado and surrounding areas.

Harker Heights, TX, August 31, 2021 – Dr. Mark Hanses and the team at Express Chiropractic Harker Heights announced the opening of Express Chiropractic & Wellness in Harker Heights, Texas.

The office is designed to give people in the community access to safe, gentle chiropractic and massage care without the need for an appointment or insurance.

With the multitude of chiropractors in Harker Heights and surrounding areas, Express Chiropractic & Wellness stands out in a crowd as what many describe as an unusual but equally refreshing approach.

When asked why the office has chosen not to accept or bill insurance for care and keep rates more affordable, Dr. Hanses states, “My goal is to make effective and safe massage and chiropractic care available in a way that makes is more accessible and more affordable.” He goes on to say, “With the way insurance plans are changing, I am continually seeing more and more patients stop the treatment they need and want because they just can’t afford it.”

One of the primary premises behind the Express Chiropractic & Wellness name and concept is expressed through the ‘Get in…Get out…Get Better’ slogan the company boasts. Dr. Hanses explains that with the chiropractic care part of the practice, it is in reference to the treatment philosophy in the practice. While appropriate recommendations for care are made depending on the type of condition a patient presents with, Express Chiropractic Harker Heights chiropractors do not prescribe long treatment schedules or require large upfront payments for care.

While the chiropractic care provided by Express Chiropractic Harker Heights is relatively straight forward, it is the massage services that really stand out as a new innovative approach. The massage service will be coming soon, but what can be expected are massages that are in 10 minute increments of what is called a MRT session. M.R.T. stands for Muscle Relief Therapy which is a combination of techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitative (PNF) stretching. The idea behind the 10 minute MRT sessions is not to replace a standard 60 minute whole body massage but rather MRT sessions serve as a problem focused therapeutic session made to focus on the area that needs the most attention.

The staff would love for anyone who lives in or around the Harker Heights, Texas area to stop in for care or even just to get any additional questions answered. If you could benefit from chiropractic treatment, right now is a great time to get started as Express Chiropractic and Wellness offers pre-grand opening special pricing.

New patients at the Harker Heights chiropractic office can expect a first-visit examination just as they would in any other office. After completion of the evaluation, the patient is able to receive the first adjustment that same day provided no contraindications to care are found during the exam. For those who are not familiar with chiropractic care, an ‘adjustment’ is the process by which a chiropractor introduces motion into spinal and other joints in the body to help restore their proper mobility and alignment.

To learn more about the Express Chiropractic and Massage services in Harker Heights, visit their website at

Boiler Plate Statement:

Express chiropractors in Harker Heights provide safe and effective care to people living and working in the area. Because of the convenient location on Stillhouse Hollow Lake Road in the heart of the city, Express Chiropractic and Massage Harker Heights also serves as a chiropractor to Salado, Nolanville, Killeen, Belton, Copperas Cove, Lampassas and more.