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Know anyone that gets pain in the back of the hip, rear end or even down into the leg? If so it might be sciatica.

While there are many causes of sciatic nerve related pain (sciatica) such as spinal bones in the low back getting out alignment, slipped disc and others, one of the common causes is called Piriformis Syndrome.

Piriformis Syndrome is when the piriformis muscle that sits deep in the back of the hip/buttocks area becomes overly tight and inflamed leading to irritation of the big sciatic nerve that runs next to it and then continues down into the leg.

Try these 2 stretches to help alleviate the symptoms. If they don’t reduce the symptoms or you think you might have misaligned spinal bones or hips or a disc problem, check with your local chiropractor or check with me here at Express Chiropractic Keller.