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I know I know… some of you that read the title of this post immediately said to yourself “Yeah, well my arthritis keeps me from being active” or something along those lines.

I realize that not everyone has the same genetics, some people have past injuries, etc.

I get all that.

BUT let me say that regardless of the limitations you should always do what you can, when you can, however you can to move and strengthen your body.

Many of you know that my mom has Parkinson’s Disease (misdiagnosed by a dozen doctors and finally pinpointed and diagnosed many years ago while I was in chiropractic college by a chiropractor that I greatly admire – who was also my neurology instructor).

Much of the day she is ‘off’ meaning she is not moving well enough to get exercise. But when she is ‘on’ I make sure to constantly remind her to use her dumbbells and thera-bands for resistance to keep her joints moving and bones strong. She also takes a walk or gets out in the yard in some way or another.

It’s not a lot but some is better than none. So as your chiropractor I implore you to get moving however and whenever you can.

My job it to help boost your vitality; not only by realigning your spine so that the nerve impulses to your body are uninterrupted but also by reminding you to keep moving.

Movement is life and if you stop moving the ‘life’ will slowly fade from your body and it will begin to deteriorate.

Keep moving and maximize your life potential!