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Now that my boy is 5 I am getting a good dose of reality on minding what I watch, say and do.

He pretty much catches and imitates everything his dad does.

I’m sure you parents out there can relate to what I’m saying.

But what about diet and lifestyle? What are your kids seeing, doing and eating?

They are probably eating and doing whatever you are or at least will as they get older.  I call it FAMILIAL CONDITIONING.

It says simply that they will at the very least emulate your lifestyle.

For that purpose alone – never mind the importance of staying healthy so you can live a long life and be there for your kids – for that purpose alone, make the effort to learn more everyday about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The reality is it doesn’t have to be perfect but just geared towards ‘good.’ It will not only ensure you get to enjoy your kids for years to come but most importantly it will give them a head start in life that has a value second to none.

Lose your health and all else becomes secondary. Teach your kids how to take charge of theirs now verses trying to chase it down later in life.