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A 3 month study in 2011 found that exercise may be an option for the management of migraines in patients who do not benefit from or do not want to take daily medication.’

Exercise Group: 40 minutes a day, 3 days a week

Medication Group: Daily topiramate use (up to 250 mg/d)

Study Results:
Exercise: 93% average reduction in migraine incidence
Medication: 97% average reduction in migraine incidence

My comments: Remember that this ‘exercise’ does not necessarily have to be lifting weights, running on a treadmill or some sort of expensive gym membership. Jogging around the neighborhood, going on a bike ride, playing tennis or any other activity that gets your heart rate up will fit into the ‘exercise’ category.

SOURCE: Cider A, et al. Exercise as migraine propylaxis: a randomized study using relaxation and topiramate as controls. Cephalgia, Oct. 2011;31(14): 1428-38.