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Most people have some aspect of their health that affects their life on a daily basis.

What’s yours?

Is it fatigue?


Weight problems?

Back problems?


Whether you have a new issue, chronic illness, old injury or a failed surgery, you have two options when it comes to impacting how it will affect your life now and especially in the future.

  1. Do nothing and let the natural order of dis-ease (lack of ease) and loss of function take over
  2. Take action and do your very best to reduce the dis-ease and improve how you feel and function

The answer you should choose is obviously #2. If this is the case then why do so many people opt for #1?

Why get pushed around bad habits, unfortunate accidents, genetic disorders, failed surgeries or a computer and keyboard?

Today is your day to take a stand against whatever it is that has, up until today, had your number. Whatever it is that has negatively impacted your health and ability to fully express and enjoy your beautiful life.

Right now is the time you are going to take ACTION…

Not think about changes your need to make – Not write out a plan – Not even to make a promise to yourself.

None of that ‘saddling up’ gets you anywhere. You’ve got to take action by getting on the horse and riding before you can get away from point A and actually move towards point B.

Action is what works!

If you have pain in the wrists, do the stretches you know you need to do.

If you have back pain, do the stretches you have neglected or make the call to the chiropractor or physical therapist that you have been putting off.

If you have diabetes, start the diet changes today and if you aren’t sure what to change, start the research to find out.

Whether your health issues are self-inflicted by bad choices, poor guidance or occurrences out of your control remember this…

The way you are right now is not the way you will be a year from now. Whether you steer the ship or just let the wind take you is your call.

THE BODY IS A DYNAMIC STRUCTURE THAT IS IN A CONSTANT STATE OF FLUX. You are never in a state of homeostasis (not changing) so the reality is that you CAN have an impact on the way your body and health will change over time.