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Tired of the Aching in your Neck & Upper Back?

Take control of your health by learning a quick and effective home stretching and strengthening program…

If you suffer from any of the following…

  • Neck Pain or Stiffness
  • Pain between the Shoulder Blades
  • Headaches

…then don’t miss the New Express Neck Pain Relief Workshop this Saturday.



In this short 45 short minute workshop you will…

  1.  learn the best stretches and strengthening exercises to help relieve your neck pain and headaches
  2. learn how to do them correctly so you don’t injure yourself or waste time doing ineffective exercises
  3. go home knowing a 15 minute home exercise program and how often to do it each week

AND it’s all taught to you by Dr. Stegall right here at Express.

The class starts at 2pm (will last 45 minutes) and is just $15 for all this ‘neck saving’ knowledge!

Don’t miss this opportunity to sign up and take control of the health of your neck and upper back.