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When it comes to getting healthy… there’s no fast track.

Just like a dentist tightens the wires occasionally on your braces so that the teeth will slowly align into a beautiful smile…

…and just as your chiropractor will repetitively realign your spinal bones until they begin to hold,you MUST give your body time to adapt to a new way of eating and exercising.

Remember that health is a journey, not a destination and despite what infomercials and drug manufacturers will tell you about getting healthy, true health is slowly achieved and forever maintained. 

And don’t be disillusioned about your size being an indicator of health. There are plenty of very unhealthy thin people out there. Focus on YOUR diet, YOUR level of exercise and lowering YOUR level of stress.

Know that you are beautiful no matter how you look and what is important is how you feel. I want you to feel awesome everyday but it takes time for your body to release toxins and regenerate the cells that are unhealthy into those that comprise a healthier you with more energy, better sleep and a longer enjoyable life.

Enjoy the climb!