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Anyone that has been in to see me at Express Chiropractic even more than a couple of times has likely heard me use the term ‘subluxation.’

While I try to define it anytime I use it…at times I may forget.

While the detailed explanation of a subluxation is pretty complex and probably much more than  you care to know, there is a simpler definition.

In simplest terms…

a subluxation is when one or more of the bones in your spine move out of proper position or alignment.

When the subluxation occurs in the spine, it’s called a ‘vertebral subluxation’ since it will be the spinal bones (vertebrae) that are out of proper alignment.

If the subluxation is bad enough or goes uncorrected long enough, you may begin to get irritation of the nerves that exit out between the spinal bones.

How Can This Affect You?

If the nerves that branch off your spine and exit out between the spinal bones are irritated and compromised, then the signals they carry to their designated parts of the body (such as muscles and organs) will be compromised. In other words a part of your body will not be functioning ideally.

Research shows that even a miniscule amount of pressure on spinal nerves can have a significant impact on how well those nerves function and subsequently how well the part of the body that nerve controls will function.

While the above is a simplified explanation of a subluxation, it is quickly apparent that a misaligned spinal bone can result in not only pain but a compromise in the overall function and health of your body.