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Just like the irrefutable law of gravity, there is another that says your body is always in a state of flux.

What do I mean by that?

Simply that your body will never find itself in an actual state of homeostasis or perfect balance.  It’s always changing and must or you would cease to exist. Now that’s not a good alternative!

I like to think of this constant flux phenomenon in a very rudimentary “health spectrum” way as it pertains to each individual person:


Your body is either shifting towards a more or less healthy state but never standing still


If you are involved in an automobile accident resulting in a broken leg and whiplash as a going away present, you very quickly shifted towards a less healthy state (or what I like to call ‘Dis-ease’ meaning lack of ease in how your body functions) considering that you now have damaged muscles, ligaments and bones.

After the orthopedist sets the bone, your chiropractor begins to realign the rattled spinal bones, a massage therapist starts addressing the damaged muscles and ligaments and your body starts chugging along on the overall healing process, you have made the turn from a less healthy to more healthy (better functioning) direction.

And while the above example is easy to understand it’s not the most common scenario that is unfolding in our culture and ultimately determining where a person is on the health spectrum.  

Most people are where they are on the health spectrum secondary to factors listed below and they affect them over time…

  • Lifestyle (sedentary vs active)
  • Dietary Habits (healthy vs unhealthy food and beverage choices)
  • Unresolved emotional distress
  • Cumulative stress

In other words, factors they can work on improving and that are beyond the genetic cards they were dealt or unexpected trauma.

While genetics, unexpected trauma and even familial factors will, to a greater degree in some and lesser degree in others, affect your place on the health spectrum, everything from the lifestyle to food choices you make will ultimately dictate your place any given week, month and year.

Every time you have a few drinks, eat a couple of donuts, skip your stretching, decide not to go for that walk or even stress out without taking time to resolve it, you are shifting your health towards the dis-ease end of the spectrum.  

When you replace soda with water, fries with broccoli and opt for time on the treadmill over time in front of the television, you are making micro movements towards the optimal health side of the spectrum.

Now, that‘s not to say that indulging in a treat or experiencing stress is a bad thing but rather just keep in mind the cumulative impact and how it will slide you towards a state of dis-ease over time. 

In closing, this article is purposely not intended to give you tips on how to improve your health but rather just give you perspective on a way to think about your health and how the choices you make today, this month and this year will impact where you land on the health spectrum a year from now.

Remember, the body is always changing slowly but surely and while a positive decision today may not make much of a difference for next week, it will for next month or maybe not until next year. Either way, a year is not long to wait for results of the decisions you make and actions you take today.  Make the choices that drive your health in a positive direction and you’ll reap the benefits soon enough!