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Imagine a highway flowing at a steady pace; then all of a sudden there is a wreck between two cars, then a third then a fourth and so on and so on until the highway is completely jammed and there is no traffic moving.

The ambulance, fire trucks and police cars all come to clear it all up but make the highway even more jam packed at the same time.

It’s similar with the muscles.

What happens is that waste accumulates and congests in the muscle fibers making them tighten and “jam.”  Oxygen and blood start to then move into the tight and contracted area to move the waste but the waste just absorbs the oxygen and blocks the blood from flowing freely and easily. 

All the while the knot gets bigger or tenser and tender bringing pain and discomfort.

This in turn makes the muscle want to rest and relax leading it to be underused, making it tighten up.  This result of this phenomenon is often discomfort, pain, sleep impairment, and at times limited range of motion.

Often times a person doesn’t even realize they have a knot until someone starts to rub the area that is constricted.  All they know is that their muscle or muscles are tight and they want them to be loose again, which is not an unusual desire.  Who wouldn’t want to be pain free, comfortable, and able to move freely?


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