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During the course of my daily treatment here at Express Chiropractic Keller, I occasionally engage in discussions that go beyond the boundaries of back pain, headaches and misaligned spinal bones.

The conversations predominately progress into the realm of stretching, strengthening, diet, hydration and just overall health as a key component to improving not only back health but also energy level, life span and quality of life.

With the business model I work in I don’t always have all the time I would like to discuss what to do and give the encouragement to take the action steps needed to really make a positive change.

Because of that I have created videos that I post to the Express You Tube Channel and the Express Chiropractic Facebook Page teaching you how to stretch and strengthen. I will continue to do that in my spare time.

However, today I thought I would create a post simply to encourage you to take some of the steps you need to take towards reducing your pain, your chance of falling victim to disease and of course to increase your quality and quantity of life.

Throughout my years of practice I have seen many patients procrastinate on making changes because they are not convinced they will really make a great impact on their life or they failed at trying to make the alterations and improvements so returned back to the path that is comfortable.

But here”s the positive spin on failing to make these changes and improvements in your health.

The reality is that each time your fail, you are that much closer to succeeding. More often than not your second, third, fourth attempt and beyond will yield a greater level of success than those previous.

I want to encourage you today – through this post – to make those attempts again. Whether it was to stop smoking, drink more water, start an exercise regimen or just to eliminate one soda from your daily diet, give it another go. Even if you only lasted a week your last attempt, make another!

And start small. Make one change to diet and one to fitness. Eat a salad at lunch (a healthy one!) 3 days a week, or just don’t eat after 7pm and make that change a couple of weeks before modifying it further or adding on your next dietary alteration.

To increase fitness perhaps you can jog or walk around the block and do it 3 days a week to start and build from there. Don’t go 4 miles 6 days a week and expect to maintain that just to figure out you don’t have that much time or that great of interest and you burn out.

As a final note, understand that I am hear for you for more than getting an adjustment. I take your health very seriously and any time I have extra time I am more than happy to discuss stretches or even simple diet changes with you. Ask me questions on our Facebook page as others may want to learn what you have questions about.