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(The following is a synopsis of the full article How to Make a Change in Life written by Daron Stegall, DC – Chiropractor. You can read the article at )


We’ve all had that moment of clarity when we realized that we must make a change in some aspect of our life if it is ever going to improve.


‘This has got to change now if my situation (or pattern of behavior) is ever going to improve’ we think to ourselves.


The inspiration typically reveals itself as a little voice that hijacks our brain waves telling us “Do it – we’ve got to get this going!” or “Don’t do it – this has got to stop!”


Making a Positive Change in Life


Unfortunately for most people, as quickly as the potentially life altering epiphany slaps you in the face it fades away as you settle back into your familiar routine and continue living the same way you always have.


The question is why?


Why do so many people continually ignore the inspirational voice of potential change even when it’s popped into their conscious thoughts time and time again?


The reason is because of memories. That’s right memories are the bane of successful change.


Whether it’s the conscious realization that you failed before when you attempted this change or a deep rooted memory from childhood that you can’t even identify as the derailing factor, chances are it’s your past affecting your present that makes taking action on inspiration so difficult.


Let me say that again:  It is your Past that is affecting your Present ability to Take Action.


The good news is that you can overcome the obstacles with two simple steps:

  1. Listen to the voice of inspiration and ignore the past memory that will attempt to push it out of your head
  2. Take action right then. It doesn’t matter how small the step is toward making the change but you must make it immediately


Whether you need to put down a soda or cigarette, turn off the TV and take a walk around the block or pick up the phone and make that call… take the step when the inspiration hits.


By taking a small action step at the prompting of that little voice, big changes may be right around the corner. BUT you’ll never know unless you try.