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The 5 Essential Holistic Products from Standard Process

You may not need all these but if a big online nutrition store is confusing, this is a great place to start as a foundation for joint health, immune support and overall wellness.

You can add more to the mix to tackle specific issues such as body detox, liver support, kidney health, thyroid support and heart health once you are dialed in on your basics.

Keep it simple if you are new to taking high quality holistic nutritional supplements!


Catalyn or Catalyn Chewable:

  • Multi-Vitamin to compensate for important foundational nutrients missing in most diets and foods
  • Chewable option for kids
  • There is also a Gluten Free version

Congaplex or Congaplex Chewable:

  • Intended for short term support of the immune system and the upper respiratory tract
  • Chewable option for kids
  • Take when stress is higher or when possibly exposed to someone who is sick

Glucosamine Synergy:

  • Helps maintain healthy joints and associated soft tissues (ligaments)
  • Use for long-term joint support as it relates to natural aging

Ligaplex I:

  • A great option for short-term use if you overdo it in the yard, at the gym or getting out of bed
  • Supports the body’s normal connective tissue repair and synthesis process
  • Supports the body’s inflammatory response such as after strenuous exercise or a joint or muscle strain

Tuna Omega-3 Chewable:

  • Supports skin and hair health, cognition and emotional balance
  • Helps bridge the gap in critical dietary omega-3 intake
  • Supports the body’s natural inflammatory response function related to eating a high-fat meal or strenuous exercise
  • Good taste, not fishy despite the name


DISCLAIMER: The above is based on our ‘real-world’ use of the supplements and what we use them for and recommend the use for with our own customers. Check the Standard Process website for additional information on each product. If you have other health issues, are taking medications or are pregnant be sure to consult with you doctor before taking any supplement.