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Express Chiropractic Franchise Opening Schertz Location


Express Schertz Chiropractor offers full service chiropractic care for patients Express Chiropractic has announced the opening of an all-new Schertz chiropractic location at 6000 FM 3009, Suite 200. The new practice will provide patients with the same great chiropractic service they expect from the franchise. Express Chiropractic is known for providing high-quality care [...]

Express Chiropractic Franchise Opening Schertz Location2019-09-26T21:26:25+00:00

5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation


Inflammation is a necessary initial step of the healing process. However, long term inflammation can create havoc throughout the body. Inflammation can result from physical stress on the body, chronic emotional stress or certain foods (especially sugar or saturated fats). Chronic inflammation could potentially result in conditions like fibromyalgia or a variety of autoimmune diseases. [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation2019-05-28T20:20:19+00:00

Factors that, According to Science, Will Influence how Long you Live


(Below is a excerpt from a recent Mercola article that popped up in my email. If you do not follow Dr. Mercola postings they are pretty good. Here is the link to the entire article: Full Article ). Based on the below excerpt it would seem that reducing emotional and mental stress along with not [...]

Factors that, According to Science, Will Influence how Long you Live2019-09-04T21:35:08+00:00

My 2 Cents on Using an Inversion Table


Below is the short version of IF and HOW an inversion table might be a good option for you.  If you would like to learn more see the full “Will an Inversion Table Work for Me?” article I wrote at: There are two bits of anatomy you should be aware of as we dive [...]

My 2 Cents on Using an Inversion Table2014-12-22T15:16:52+00:00
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