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Why does Express Chiropractic Believe Standard Process creates the best supplements?

In short… Quality and Convenience.

The only way a supplement can benefit the body is if the body is able to actually assimilate or break it down to extract and use the nutrients.

Standard Process produces high-quality products that work the way nature intended. They grow 80% of the plants they use in their nutritional supplements on their family-owned, certified organic farm.

Their goal is to protect nutrients in their natural state for potency and assimilation (most if not all of the big popular brands have a very low assimilation or usability rate). 

Not all Supplements are Created Equal

Unfortunately not all supplements are created equal and some are downright dangerous.

Despite efforts to regulate the vitamin supplement industry through the FTC and FDA, a 2010 US Government Accountability Office report revealed that an analysis of 40 dietary supplements for the presence of lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, or pesticides found trace amounts of 1 or more of these contaminants in 93%.

And enforcement is another issue. In 2013, the FDA inspected only 416 supplement manufacturers for cGMP adherence, representing 10% of the estimated 4000 manufacturers covered by cGMP regulations.

In other words, the supplement industry is still the wild west in many aspects.

To read the full study click HERE

Why do I need to take supplements in the first place?

Health experts agree that a healthy diet is the largest factor for maintaining a healthy body, strong immune system and reducing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.

High quality supplements are designed to help fill the void where a proper diet is lacking.

Why doesn’t Express carry this line of products in the office?

We don’t have the space or the time.

Express Chiropractic & Wellness was created to be less complicated than an office where insurance and appointments are needed. It is also designed to keep a steady flow through the office and not cost an arm and a leg to get the care you need.

By having a smaller sized office we keep our fees lower.

By not taking extra time to educate patients on supplements that would be sitting on our shelves, we ensure the office flows as time efficiently as possible.

Does SP carry pet supplements?

Yes, they have a select few supplements for overall health and joint health for dogs and cats. We love their pet products!

How quickly will I receive my order?

Typically a patient order will ship within one to three business days.

Does Standard Process collect sales tax?

They are required to follow the laws in each state and collect taxes as required.

Are there shipping charges?

Yes, and most orders are charged a flat rate of $10 for standard shipping regardless of weight or size of the order. We recommend you buy 2 of each item you want and try to order every couple of months or even quarterly.